Move in and express yourself  So individually designed that residents do not have to decorate the rooms, they only need to fill them: with themselves.

Designed that speaks to historical greatness – lovingly curated down to the smallest detail

The design of the interiors captures the historical essence of the building – creating a dialogue with the present and embodying magnificent craftsmanship: each apartment is an individual expression of a singular architectural vision. NOVONO interior design studio has reinterpreted floor plans, restored textures and curated a selection of world-class appliqués, tastefully integrating rare items from a range of European regions and historical periods: old oak, terrazzo, brass, marble – sparing no effort to create an exceptional living experience.

“I study and continue to write the story of spaces – on an urban plane and with a sense of the iconic at its most elemental.”

Nora von Nordenskjöld
Interior Designer