When a whole new quality emerges from established form. As close to the zeitgeist as the original

“The moon has risen”: Matthias Claudius, a Sturm und Drang poet, is the inspiration behind the name of this 130-year-old building. It speaks of him – of innate character and individual class. His warm presence radiates from the facade into every nook and corner.

This historic building has been immaculately refurbished, its windows and doors faithfully restored by carpenters, fittings meticulously reconditioned, and its interiors enhanced with the highest quality materials and craftmanship. Its timeless beauty is complemented by a wealth of modern conveniences, including state-of-the-art building services, a room for baby carriages, bicycle storage areas, and an exterior elevator. A composition that embodies the best of all eras.


  • Built in 1889, refurbished in 2023
  • Redesign restores property close to original condition
  • Upgraded to meet and exceed contemporary quality standards
  • Exquisite elements, tastefully coordinated
  • Charming character at every detail
  • Flexible, updated floor plans
  • New building services, incl. glass elevator
Restrained aesthetics  The entrance area has been meticulously restored, expertly redesigned and fundamentally upgraded.
Subtle expression, lasting impression  The reimagined facade channels the property’s historical heritage into the modern age.
A small, refined green haven of tranquility  With a fountain, seating area and tiered planting, the courtyard becomes a place for rest and relaxation under the sky of Berlin.