Exquisite living in the green heart of Berlin

Alluring spaces unfold in timelessly aesthetic interiors. Selected materials tell epochal stories. Nestled in the heart of Berlin, this classic, immaculately refurbished apartment building is a tranquil home full of character and uncompromising quality.

Claudius is a curated metropolitan residence that embodies individuality and quality of life at the highest stylistic level. It remains true to its historic roots, reimagined for the most sophisticated of modern residents – creating an exquisite environment for the select few who truly appreciate the extraordinary.



When a whole new quality emerges from established form. As close to the zeitgeist as the original

“The moon has risen”: Matthias Claudius, a Sturm und Drang poet, is the inspiration behind the name of this 130-year-old building. It speaks of him – of innate character and individual class. His warm presence radiates from the facade into every nook and corner.

This historic building has been immaculately refurbished, its windows and doors faithfully restored by carpenters, fittings meticulously reconditioned, and its interiors enhanced with the highest quality materials and craftmanship. Its timeless beauty is complemented by a wealth of modern conveniences, including state-of-the-art building services, a room for baby carriages, bicycle storage areas, and an exterior elevator. A composition that embodies the best of all eras.


  • Built in 1889, refurbished in 2023
  • Redesign restores property close to original condition
  • Upgraded to meet and exceed contemporary quality standards
  • Exquisite elements, tastefully coordinated
  • Charming character at every detail
  • Flexible, updated floor plans
  • New building services, incl. glass elevator
Restrained aesthetics  The entrance area has been meticulously restored, expertly redesigned and fundamentally upgraded.
Subtle expression, lasting impression  The reimagined facade channels the property’s historical heritage into the modern age.
A small, refined green haven of tranquility  With a fountain, seating area and tiered planting, the courtyard becomes a place for rest and relaxation under the sky of Berlin.


Move in and express yourself  So individually designed that residents do not have to decorate the rooms, they only need to fill them: with themselves.

Designed that speaks to historical greatness – lovingly curated down to the smallest detail

The design of the interiors captures the historical essence of the building – creating a dialogue with the present and embodying magnificent craftsmanship: each apartment is an individual expression of a singular architectural vision. NOVONO interior design studio has reinterpreted floor plans, restored textures and curated a selection of world-class appliqués, tastefully integrating rare items from a range of European regions and historical periods: old oak, terrazzo, brass, marble – sparing no effort to create an exceptional living experience.

“I study and continue to write the story of spaces – on an urban plane and with a sense of the iconic at its most elemental.”

Nora von Nordenskjöld
Interior Designer



Exceptional, one-of-a-kind pieces that infuse classic aesthetics with postmodern elegance

Each of these apartments is characterized by its uniqueness – including in its matchless aesthetics. It all begins with substantial flooring: BROADLEAF oak parquet flooring in a chevron pattern means that no two pieces look the same; patinated VENTANO brass fittings adorn the doors; real stucco elements embellish the soaring ceilings; and Bauhaus-inspired LUXONOV switches gild on the walls.

Bathrooms with underfloor heating, ceramics from LAUFEN, and luxurious fixtures, either in hand-brushed brass from STUDIO ORE or in matte nickel from AXOR – in each case complementing Italian terrazzo or Calacatta marble.

In addition, all of the 2- to 4-room apartments have at least one balcony or terrace with floor-to-ceiling windows. Countless combinations from several design universe in absolute harmony. Without equal.


  • 10 exclusive apartments with up to 150 sqm of living space
  • Each unit with outdoor area (balcony/terrace)
  • Lovingly & exclusively curated interiors
  • English oak parquet flooring with French herringbone pattern
  • Contemporary layouts with open living areas
  • Integrated utility rooms
  • Two bathrooms or separate guest bathroom
And there was light!  The bathrooms on the upper floors are finished with golden Calacatta marble.
Vital historical continuum  Meticulously restored stucco dovetails with a modern aesthetic.
A touch of the bohemian  If desired, the bedroom can be equipped with a freestanding bathtub.
Bathe in history  Fine terrazzo and classic industrial design evoke a sense of comfort and relaxation.



Intelligent room design in the style of a boutique hotel

Small footprint, high quality of life: for younger, temporary and more uncomplicated living, the designers of Claudius have given a lot of thought, pushed boundaries and upended conventions to create a cosmopolitan interior design with a classic atmosphere. Exceptionally practical and simply different.

In the process, they have redefined the status quo: the bathroom behind the bed, the kitchen right where the TV should normally be, or the front door on the terrace. The living room and kitchen area are connected without doors and yet still seem like different rooms.

Despite the minimalism, all studios have a balcony and are furnished to an exactingly high standard: with oak parquet flooring, Italian stoneware and designer fittings from Duravit. This is where living feels luxurious: like a small, upscale boutique hotel.


  • Modern concept, luxurious design
  • Intelligently designed, open floor plans
  • Comfortable and multifunctional
  • Cosmopolitan lifestyle with a small footprint
  • Reminiscent of an Italian country house of the 19th century or the minimalist design of the 60s
Tetris deluxe  The exceptional open space design integrates the bathroom into the wellness zone of the bedroom.
Diversity in unity  These small spaces have everything you need to live life to the full – in a harmonious community.
More than contemporary  Classic elements and modern living worlds entwined in pleasingly functional contexts.



Exceptional, impressive, and uniquely individual: a floor, a class and history in itself

There’s peace above the rooftops: the penthouse crowns life in the big city. Its light-infused, open-plan interior guarantees unobstructed views of Berlin’s iconic skyline through east- and west-facing floor-to-ceiling windows. A wind-sheltered rooftop terrace integrates the green outside with the bright inside.

Extravagant materials such as golden marble, black metal and light Douglas fir provide expressive inspiration for discerning interior design. A world of opportunities in its own right.


  • Approx. 166 sqm of upscale living
  • East and west exposures with views of the Spree River
  • 2 open loggias and a large roof terrace
  • Open-plan layout for an expansive sense of living
  • Real fireplace as a room divider in the lounge area
  • Calacatta marble, room-length plank flooring
  • 2 bedrooms, guest bathroom, utility room



The true center of Berlin is a green and tranquil place – between high class and high life

Close to gently lapping waters, in direct dialogue with the multiple epicenters of the German capital: the Hansa Quarter is something of an invisible celebrity. West of the federal government and east of Charlottenburg, it occupies an area of interplay between global issues and entrenched bourgeoisie.

Major destinations such as the embassy district on Tiergartenstraße and Berlin’s main train station are all within very easy reach. Thanks to the district’s well-developed infrastructure, the zoo and Friedrichstraße merge into one meaningful neighborhood: your own.

Founded in 1874, the district represents the old center of Berlin. Today, quiet Claudiusstrasse, a street lined with discreet period buildings, is part of the historic neighborhood to the north of the modern architectural settlement. A place that lives and breathes history.

Encircled by the Spree River, nestled in the verdant greenery of the Tiergarten, flanked by Straße des 17. Juni, this is where life can be lived in almost complete seclusion – and yet still in the middle of it all: in the quiet eye of the big city.

Moabiter Brücke
Under the sign of water. Valuable urban blue pervades the green neighborhood and calms the view.
Holsteiner Ufer
In appropriate company. Listed old buildings characterize the immediate surroundings with classic dignity.
Exquisite. One of the best food markets in Berlin welcomes your appetite with culinary pleasure.
Haus der Kulturen der Welt
Cultural Zeitgeist. The transatlantic icon has acted as an ambassador and epicenter for international art since 1957.
Domberger Brot-Werk
Visible flavor handicraft. Masters bake specialties from sourdough right before the eyes of customers.
Inspiring. The core work of the modern Hansa Quarter (IBA 57) invites architectural exploration.
Green serenity. All stress disappears in the monumental park. Thoughts flow. Far away.
Konditorei & Café Buchwald
History of taste from art nouveau and Baumkuchen. Here guests have been traveling back to a good old time for 160 years.
Patio Restaurant Ship
Floating indulgence. A place where charming fine dining experiences are reflected in the gentle waters of the Spree.
Railway station Bellevue
First class transport links. The historic station from 1882 is part of Berlin's most important rapid transit railway.